AfriCat Foundation

Namibia is home to six large carnivores species including cheetahs, leopards, lions, spotted hyaenas, brown hyaenas and wild dogs. The majority of these species are in conflict with people as Namibia is largely a livestock farming community.

The Africat Foundation was founded in 1992 to promote large carnivore conservation and animal welfare. The initial years were spent rescueing cheetahs and leopards from traps and housing orphaned cheetahs and leopards. Today the organisation has developed in all aspects of carnivore conservation.

These include:

Africat field projects range from studying the density and demography of leopards on commercial farmland to the conservation of the unique Desert-adapted lions in the north west of the country.

They have two field bases in collaboration with the Namibian Ministry of Environment and Tourism. Their sanctuary consists of approximately 500 hectares (1250 acres) fenced off enclosures where we house over 70 cheetahs, 6 lions, 5 leopards and 4 caracals. AfriCat has an on site environmental education centre where Namibian youths can be instructed in various environmental issues free of charge.

Additionally they have an outreach programme where Namibians that live in distant rural communities are not excluded. Theon site veterinary clinic sees between 40 and 100 carnivores per year in need of medical attention or to collect biological samples.

The Africat Foundation is a non-profit organisation and is registered as a charity in Namibia. All work is funded by donations. A board of trustees meets twice a year to guide conservation and animal welfare priorities.